Imagine IFF the seizures went away. Imagine IFF our children could say "Mom" or "Dad". Imagine IFF they could take steps by themselves. Imagine IFF they could feed themselves. These are the dreams of the many hopeful parents of children with FOXG1. We believe that with dedicated research and funding, these dreams can be realized. This is the goal of the International FOXG1 Foundation.

FOXG1 is a severe neurological condition characterized by seizures, small head size, inability to control body movements, and lack of speech. The majority of our children cannot walk or talk. They cannot feed themselves and they struggle to communicate their most basic needs. When our children were finally diagnosed with FOXG1 Disorder, we scoured the internet and struggled to find any information that would ease the pain and provide hope for our babies. When we found nothing but confusing genetic papers, we felt scared and alone. Finally, through posts on message boards, we slowly started finding each other and our new family was born.

The International FOXG1 Foundation’s Mission is to provide hope and support to individuals with FOXG1 and their families via any means possible, to facilitate discussion and fund research within the medical community, and to bring awareness and education to the public. Our goal, as we follow the Mission, is to find treatments and a cure for FOXG1. We hope this foundation will provide support and inspiration to the many families who have been blessed with a FOXG1 miracle.


Welcome to the family!
Ileana, Laura, Tamra, Heather, Melanie and Stefanie

Founded on love and hope

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